26 April 2017 View

What job should I do next?

Taking that next step in your career is tricky. Many of us stay far too long in unfulfilling jobs because we don’t know what to do next. Far from being a case of ‘grass is greener’, that yearning to be somewhere - anywhere - else is only natural, even if we don’t have a clear idea of what that ‘anywhere else’ lo

24 April 2017 View

Are the candidates poor or am I a bad interviewer?

Employer X has been trying to fill job role Y for two years now, with a handful of new starters lasting only a few months each before moving on. The first couple of leavers were put down to ‘not being quite right’ or ‘having a tough act to follow’, while the final few were blamed on ‘a poor talent pool’. It’s a classic problem.

21 April 2017 View

What do I wear for a job interview?

Dressing for a job interview shouldn’t be that difficult. We do manage to clothe ourselves every day, after all. However, the infrequent nature of job interviews means many of us have come a cropper with an outfit-based interview faux pas.

19 April 2017 View

How will AI help you identify the perfect candidate?

As with most industries, recruitment is regularly proclaimed as being ‘on the brink’ of another crisis or threat to its existence. The latest such ‘enemy’ lurking at the gates is artificial intelligence (AI).

18 April 2017 View

North-Shoring and the growing exodus from the capital

Northern cities have bemoaned the talent drain to London for some time now, with Leeds in particular heavily hit by gifted graduates leaving for the capital. Many initiatives have been launched to - little noticeable - avail, from city-based schemes to George Osborne’s the Northern Powerhouse, to try and tempt people back up north.

13 April 2017 View

How to prepare for an interview

Interviews are nerve-racking, unnatural and infrequent experiences. As a result, the thought of having to prepare for an interview can send even the coolest customer into a flap. Thankfully for those of you currently mid-flap, we’ve done all the hard planning work for you. Follow our simple guide to make preparing for your next interview a doddle.

12 April 2017 View

Company perks: do potential employees care?

A recent LinkedIn backlash against Manchester agency Social Chain has brought an interesting issue to our attention. The fast-growing social team found the ire of LinkedIn’s keyboard warriors, thanks to the posting of a series of images showing their welcome packs for new starters, initiation process, and ongoing staff benefits.

10 April 2017 View

The secret to the perfect cover letter

Applying for a new job can be daunting. If the thought of actually changing career isn’t enough to send you into a cold sweat, the act of sitting down and writing about yourself for an extended period of time can be enough to cause even the most disgruntled worker to stick it out for another few months.

06 February 2017 View

How to write the perfect CV

Writing a CV is easy when you know the basics. In this guide, we’ll lay the foundations to help you write the perfect CV, while also sharing our top tips to take it to the next level, and the most common mistakes you need to know and avoid.